Posted by: potomacpacemaker | June 3, 2010

Getting our bearings

We’re getting our bearings on this restoration project–we’ve established a scope of work and are beginning to make steady progress. We’re also starting to determine what needs we’ll have as far as supplies and resources, detailed later in this post.

Volunteers Andy Ray and Bob Reed, who has stepped up to serve as a volunteer project manager on the restoration, took advantage of Memorial Day to put in some work on the Potomac Pacemaker’s fuselage.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what has been done:

  • All of the cabin windows have now been removed except one of the three emergency exits.
  • The overhead passenger service units (PSU) and air outlets have been removed; however, most of the air outlet mounting brackets remain. The mounting screws will need to be drilled out since they’re badly rusted.
  • The carpet over the flooring has been removed with the exception of one small section forward of the rear bulkhead.
  • The tail wheel strut has been removed.
  • Window frames, PSUs, air outlets, lavatory fixtures and other parts that have been removed to be used later in the restoration process, have been boxed for storage.

Work will continue on the interior of the fuselage at future work sessions. The headliner, side wall covering and insulation will be removed, as well as all the unnecessary wiring and conduit. After the cabin interior is gutted, then work will begin on the cockpit and cargo compartments.

The students at the Guilford Tech Aviation School continue their work on the parts that were taken to the school in Greensboro. Work is progressing on the vertical stabilizer and the control surfaces are nearing completion.

The Back Shop area is not the best place to restore an aircraft but we’ll do the best we can. The museum is working on acquiring a small portable building for use as a place to keep and refer to the C-47 manuals on loan from the Guilford Tech Aviation School, as well as a place where tools and other materials can be kept in a protected and clean environment.

As we progress, we find a need for tools other that our personal tools brought from home. We’re developing a “wish list” (the list is included on the Contribute page of this blog, and will be continually updated) for anyone who would like to donate items to help in this very important restoration project. We have a large air compressor that was purchased by the museum, but we’re in need of air tools. Also, basic tools such as wrenches, screw drivers, pliers, etc. are always good to have at the workplace rather than bringing tools from home.


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