Posted by: potomacpacemaker | December 8, 2010

Work, Food and Fun!

Work on the Potomac Pacemaker progressed better than expected on Saturday, November 20.  It was a perfect day to be there since the weather and temperatures were exceptional plus, we had a great crew of 13 dedicated volunteers including two “first-timers.” Photos from the day and an exciting new addition to the blog—videos—will be posted soon, so stay tuned.

We also enjoyed the opportunity to join the automotive volunteer group for lunch in their work area. It was a pleasure to meet other N.C. Transportation Museum volunteers for a time of fellowship and good food. A huge thank you goes to Chloe and Dick Goho for the lunch and the opportunity to see their newly renovated automotive work shop.

Carly Faulkner was back with us after a two-month absence while she studied for the exams to obtain her Aircraft Mechanic’s license at Guilford Technical Community College.  Carly and John Sink were successful in removing the four pieces of the windshield while Andy Ray worked on removing the rest of the radio racks in the forward cargo compartment.

Martha Jackson and Andrew Wright, the two first-timers, along with Paul Dieffenderfer, Tim Howard and Paul Whitson worked inside the fuselage.  The rest of the overhead racks on both sides have now been removed, leaving the air ventilation duct work as the next sections to be removed.

Rev. Dave Howard assisted Charlie Hall with work on the air stair while Arthur Morrison and Perry Miller worked on removing the main gear tires from their wheels. Tim Howard and Andrew Wright assisted in that effort when extra hands were needed to remove the stubborn tires.

All of these jobs were major efforts and will enable work to proceed on newly uncovered areas.  We did discover that we’ll probably need to obtain replacement main gear wheels. After removing the tires, we discovered there were no internal parts and the axles were frozen and probably cannot be repaired.

The volunteers were pleased to find we had received the recently purchased landing gear (more on that in another post!). We also received three cockpit seats which will be used, along with the copilot seat frame that was removed from N56V, to fabricate the pilot and copilot seats. In addition, we received the bearing and fitting that will enable us to install the refurbished tail wheel assembly.

While all of the activities were going on, Bob Reed assisted with obtaining tools and locating expanded views of parts in the manuals and on the computer. Unfortunately, Bob was limited in his ability to do much physical work due his forthcoming knee replacement surgery. During December and January, someone will be assigned to coordinate the work days.


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