Posted by: potomacpacemaker | January 31, 2011

Braving the elements

Brrrrrr! Is it spring yet? It doesn’t seem that long ago that our volunteers were dealing with blistering heat, but now we’re wishing for sunshine!

Although our December work day was cancelled because of bad weather, we were able to get back to work in January (wearing a few extra layers, of course).  Volunteer leader Bob Reed is still recovering from knee surgery, but we’re hoping to see him back in action at our next work day, on Feb. 19.

Despite the low temperatures, nine volunteers came out on January 15 and contributed 38.5 man hours to restoring the Potomace Pacemaker.

Volunteers Carly Faulkner and John Sink worked on the cockpit and forward cargo area floors, removing several panels and cleaning underneath.  Bill Wilkerson, Paul Dieffenderfer and Arthur Morrison worked in the cabin area, scraping insulation and sealant from the ceiling, then vacuuming up the debris.

Perry Miller and Charlie Hall worked on the sliding window on the left side of the cockpit, but were not successful in getting it removed. The window slides aft, but it is stopped by the bulkhead before it clears the tracks. The bulkhead is riveted to the skin under a large skin panel doubler, which is fastened with dozens of painted over screws. It may be necessary to leave it as is and work around it as necessary.

Perry and Ron Ives, a new volunteer, cleaned and painted the aft fuselage tail wheel cavity. Perry then assisted Charlie with exposing the rusty steel framework of the passenger door.

Thanks to all of our volunteers who came out despite the cold. We hope you have warmed back up–and here’s hoping the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow in a couple of days!


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