Posted by: potomacpacemaker | December 28, 2011

Year ends with 500+ hours of work

Post contributed by Volunteer Project Manager Bob Reed.

Saturday, December 17, started out to be another cold day in the Back Shop; however, it soon warmed up enough to be comfortable for the nine dedicated volunteers to devote 39 man hours of work on N56V.  During 2011, there were 10 work sessions with 523 man hours devoted to the restoration of the Potomac Pacemaker.

Perry Miller and Walt Ryerson began with recovering the cross braces for the maintenance work stands, using the carpet that had been donated to the project, while Charlie Hall worked on the horizontal stabilizer. Brian Burkhart worked in the rear cargo compartment removing a sheet metal side panel. With a lot of rivets to be drilled out, it was slow going.

Paul Dieffenderfer and Bill Behrendt continued with the work in the cockpit and forward cargo area, removing wiring, tubing and fixtures. John Sink joined them and began vacuuming and cleaning out the debris that had accumulated under the floor area in the forward section of the fuselage.

Andy Ray was unable to do physical activities due to a problem with his shoulder, so he took pictures and helped where he could in other areas.  I helped where needed and, as usual, inspected the project in preparation for the next work day, set for January 21 beginning at 9 a.m.

In the coming year, we hope to reach the point where the fuselage and the center wing section can be joined together. This will, of course, require hoisting and moving both sections. Therefore, a great deal of planning and preparation will be necessary. The joined sections will be placed on maintenance stands so work can begin on the undersides. We will then be able to install the landing gear and the replacement wheel assemblies that have been ordered. Also, we plan to have the wings hoisted onto maintenance stands.  Obviously, a lot of work lies ahead.


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