The restoration of the Piedmont Airlines’ Potomac Pacemaker DC-3 plane would not be possible without the generous support of our donors:

Aerosphere Aviation Services
Ralph A. Agner, in memory of Julian & Pauline Brandt and Ralph & Eveyln Agner
Dave Allen
Peggy M. Bach, in honor of Carol Fair
Donald and Ashley Barnes, in honor of their sons, Kevin and Zach
James Brady
John and Marilyn Brantley, in honor of the Piedmont Airlines Family
Lowell Bushong
Alan Coleman
Verne B. Crisp, in memory of Barry Eugene Crisp and Eugene Shaw
Frank Davis, in honor of Bob Reed and the Potomac Pacemaker volunteers
Dave Dobyns, in honor of Carol Dobyns Fair
Kenneth and Joy Duncan, in honor of Robert Reed
EPES Transport System, Inc.
Carol Dobyns Fair
Joseph B. Grant Jr., in memory of “Cactus Joe” Grant Sr. and Piedmont Sales Managers Davis Gray and Fred Sheets
Capt. Jake Greene
William J. Halsey
Emilie Hamilton, in memory of Jim and Stephanie Hamilton
William F. Hanson, in memory of Lilly Sue Hanson
Cherryl Hartman, in memory of Tom Davis
Ramon C. Hoots
Dave Howard
Larry C. Ische
Betty Jacobsen, in honor of David Jacobsen
Roy and Diana Johnson, in honor of Leonard Martin and Robert Reed
Joseph P. Kernan
Susan Kopald, in honor of Carol Dobyns Fair
Bob Loehne
Joseph M. Mathias
Richard Matthews
Capt. Joe McGlothlin, in memory of Thomas Henry Davis
John McKenna, in memory of James C. Davis
Gerald Milburn
Capt. Howard Miller, in honor of Perry Miller
Carey W. Mock, in honor of Carol Fair
The N.C. Transportation Museum Foundation
Dennis T. O’Madigan
Piedmont Aviation Historical Society
Piedmont Silver Eagles, Inc., in memory of all the Piedmont pilots who have “flown west”
Robert H. Reed
Tracy L. Seitz
Robert D. Smith
Neil A. Snider
Martin E. Stokely
Styron Floor Covering
Jim B. Taylor
Dillard Teer
The Tom Davis Fund
U.S. Airways
Weldon Wallace, in memory of Adam Wallace
Jeffrey Westbrook
Robert H. Wylie, in memory of L.L. (Hub) Hubbard


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